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Tour #4

Three day stay with 1 tour along 14 kilometersof the most exciting parts of the Tara River

    DAY #1
  • Arrival at the camp in the afternoon & settling in
  • Dinner, bonfire, music& rest
    DAY #2
  • Breakfast by 10:30 – homemade & local cuisine
  • Every participant gets a neoprene suit, neoprene boots & life jacket
  • Transportation by jeeps and vans to Brstenovica from where our rafting begins
  • Forming rafting teams, introducing skippers and principles of team work. Boats have a capacity of 10-12 persons and it is important that participants obey the skipper’s instructions
  • Rafting starts around 13:00. This tour takes you through a total of 14 kilometers of serene surroundings & whitewaterand is one of the most exciting parts of the Tara River. Rafting lasts approximately three and a half hours with pauses for swimming and refreshments
  • Return to camp by 17:00h
  • Dinner - traditional local cuisine such as rafter’s stew & lamb cooked under “Sač” (domestic iron cooking pot)…. Leisure time after dinner marks the end of the tour(here you should feel free to ask about a bonfire & inquiry about history, tradition & local legend)
    DAY #3
  • Breakfast and departure
  • We charge 95 EUR per person for this experience (very young children go for free!)
Drina Auto Camp

Auto camp “Drina” is situated on the left bank of the Drina River, two kilometers downstream from the city Foca. It was founded in 1987 and was the first privately owned recreational camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina (then called Yugoslavia) to offer rafting and kayaking tours on the rivers Tara and Drina.


Patkovina, Foca 73300, Bosna i Hercegovina


+ 387 65 591 460

+ 387 66 230 990

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