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Tara canyon and NP Sutjeska

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Zelengorai s, according to many, the most beautiful national park in the entire region (found between Montenegro & Bosnia and Herzegovina). It is vast and scenic almost beyond words. Zelengora has many great and imposing peaks (Bregoč, Kozjestrane, Videž, Stog, Orlovac, Planinica, Todor, Kalelija, Zimomor, Dumoš, Uglješinvrh), at the same time it has a humbling effect on its visitors with its calm atmosphere shaped by dense and ancient forests. A collection of lakes: Crno,Bijelo, Gornje bare, Donje bare, Orlovačko, Kotlaničko, Štirinsko, Borilovačko, Kladopoljsko (known as the “The Mountain Eyes”) giveZelengora a special (almost mystical) beauty. Scattered over the immense fieldsofZelengora(in a few more accessible areas) are shepherds’ hutswhich add an ancestral human element to this vast wilderness.

We call the mountains “Maglic” and “Volujak” the glorious giants, made of cold steep cliffs&mountain tops on which snow is present throughoutthe year. These peaks provide a drastic contrast to Zelengora (literally meaning “green forests”). Our experienced tour guides & climbers know fully well the nature of these mountains. On our tours they will inform you of the history of the mountains but they will alsowarn inexperienced visitors of their dangers and unpredictability. Auto camp “Drina”, as part of its own tours organizes one day mountain trips to the most beautiful and attractive locations – although overnight trips are also possible. Auto camp “Drina” organizes tours guided by experienced and licensed guides. Prices for our mountain tours vary depending on distance which has to be traveled – we charge around 40 EUR per person including Dinner.

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Mountain tours

- Crno i Bijelo jezero (Black and White lakes)- 09:00 a.m. - Departure from camp and heading towards Zelengora. Visit to Crno and Bijelo lakes and ascent to Videž (1864m). Estimated hiking time is 6 hours.

- Gornje and Donje bare- 09:00 a.m. – departure from camp and heading towards Zelengora. First stop is atGornje bare (Upper lake), and then to Donje bare (Lower lake). Optional Detour to see other lakes and visitsightseeing spots from where you can see the Sutjeska canyon, mountains Volujak and Maglic, Perućicaprimeval forest and Vučevo high plain. Estimated hiking time is 3 hours.

- Perućica primeval forest– 9:00 a.m. – Departure by terrain vehicle to Dragoš village. Stop by sightseeing spots from where a part of the forest and a 75m waterfall called “Grasshopper” (Skakavac) can be seen. We continue the tour through the forest, heading towards Tunjemir and going to Suha where our transport awaits us. Estimated hiking time is 4 hours.

- Tara canyon– 08:00 a.m. – departure by terrain vehicle. Walk along the edge of the canyon where several sightseeing spots await which provide an unforgettable view of the Tara canyon with a depth of over 1000m. Also visible are the mountainDurmitor& theSusica and Piva canyons. Estimated hikingtime is 4 hours.
- Trnovačko jezero (lake)– 08:00 a.m. - departure byterrain vehicle to Prijevor (1668m) on the plateau at the bottom of Maglic mountain. Along the way we visit sightseeing spotsat thePerućicaprimeval forest including the 75m high waterfall called the “Grasshopper”. Then we walk from Prijevor to Trnovačkolake situated at an altitude of 1517m of above sea level between the Maglic and Volujak mountains. You will find yourself in beautiful mountain surroundings inside a crown of peaks. It is popular& recommended to swim in this lake. Estimated hiking timeis 4 hours.

- Maglic Mountain– 08:00 a.m. – departure towardsLokva-Dernežište, a plateau at the bottom of Mt.Vučevo. Along the way we visit sightseeing spots at the Perućicaprimeval forest including the 75m high waterfall called the “Grasshopper”. Next we hike from Vučevo and climb to the top ofMaglic (2386m) – the highest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are no words that could describe the view from the top of that mountain so we will not even try… Estimated hiking time is 6 hours. In agreement with its guest, Auto camp “Drina” offers options for custom tours or even “walks” as opposed to hikes (one of our favorite walks takes you to the Sand Pyramids). Some options for custom tours are climbing/hiking on – Volujak, Bregoč, Stog, Orlovac, Uglješinvrh – mountains or on the following lakes: Kotlaničko, Orlovačko, Borilovačko&Jagodino. Remark: Mountaineering gear is a must (backpack, mountain boots, sun protection, rain jacket & spare clothing…we also provide these for those in need) Entrance fees for National park and Trnovačkojezero (the mountain lake) are not included in the price (these tend to be around 5 Euro per person).

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