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White water rafting Tara experience

Posted 18-02-2020 08:41

White water rafting Tara experience through some of Bosnia’s most beautiful landscapes

The Tara River, sometimes referred to as “The Tear of Europe” is one of four beautiful white-water rafting rivers in Bosnia. The river is known for its unspoiled beauty, cleanliness, and unique wildlife.

Each part of the river offers something for new and experienced rafters alike. The Tara River makes its way through the second deepest canyon in the world, with the upper part of the canyon being known as the adrenaline tour for its large number of white water rapids.

The Tara River is open for rafting all year long, and offers varying levels of difficulty depending on when you go. Rafting reaches peek difficulty – class 5 – in March and April, when the river is at its height.

At calmer times, certain areas of the river drop to class 2, making it a fun experience for new people looking to try some easy rapids, or to simply enjoy the beautiful scenery through some of Bosnia’s most beautiful landscapes.

The rapids aren’t the only part of the river that makes rafting it such a memorable experience. There are over 80 mysterious caves hidden along the way, and the scenery is a stunning backdrop for your trip from start to finish.

The protected forests have an incredible, untouched beauty to them that lends a sense of awe as you navigate the dazzling blue waters of the river. There is always something to see with each new twist of the river, and you’ll come away with an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

It’s the perfect way to get a taste of Europe as you explore the area on an adventurous trip, or a great way to give your family something to talk about from your incredible vacation.

Enjoy the side of the river too with unforgettable food and exploration

Starting your adventure on the side of the river is a great way to capture every moment of your trip. Experience delicious food, and stretch your legs as you explore the natural bounty of the land with a few short hikes. You will love the ability to admire the azure blue waters and incredible landscape from yet another angle as you make the most of your rafting trip.

The Tara River has endless opportunities to amaze and enthrall you, with 100 kilometers of raftable river, and a section of it appropriate for any audience, it is considered one of the best places to raft in the entire world.

Whether you are looking for a simple family outing or edge of your seat thrills, there is a section of the Tara River that is right for you. You’ll come away a changed person after a turn through the cool and refreshing spray of one of nature’s most beautiful rivers.