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The wonders of Rafting Tara River

Posted 18-02-2020 08:41

The wonders of Rafting Tara River

Don’t you wish to be someplace else where everything cease to matter, where it is all about you, your time and your wishes? A place that warms your heart and your soul? It is not somewhere over the rainbow, it is very real and easy to find. It is like a summer camp, where the fun never stops for the kid in you. Let me present you the wonder of Rafting Tara, the place where people charge their batteries for the real world.

Once you have crossed to the inner circle f Rafting Tara, there is no going back. More importantly, you will not wish to go away ever.

It is not an assumption when I say that you would not want to leave too soon, before you have the taste of all it offers. Many have tried and failed. I am just kidding, this place is not like an enchanted forest that holds a power over you and is not letting you leave.

When you are here, you will have the feeling like the time just flies away, count on that. One adventure after the another one, it does go away so fast, the time,I mean. Bear with me for the next few passages where I wish to try to conjure the wonders of Rafting Tara and make you wish to be immediately leave here and place yourself there. It is time to make it or break it, people…

Let’s rock and roll and enjoy Rafting Tara

Let me start with with one of the simple things, the thing that we all did at least once in our live. If it stayed with you in good memory, then let’s repeat it, make it even better.

If it did not, let Rafting Tara change that for you. We all love sleeping under the open sky, whether it is light or dark outside. You have guessed it, the theme, for now, is camping. Now you ask yourself why is this place any different than any other.

Good question and there is even better answer. The thing that puts aside this particular place from anywhere else is the measure of freedom it gives you. Here, there is nothing to fret about, nothing lurking on the other side to get you. Here, even in the woods, you are out of the woods.

Nothing but the night sky, the fresh air for the lungs and I dare say, the safety in the darkness that lulls you to sleep like a baby. Imagine this, a camp fire around you, telling you a story with it flames, singing with its sounds, you with your loved ones, listening and watching and finally coming to understanding that life is really made of small things.

This priceless moment that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Together you wait for the break of the day, happy to have the ability to rewind the tape and go through it over and over again, like the first time. This is what Rafting Tara feels like, like falling in love over and over again, in the same place with the same passion.

Taking it all in. Rafting Tara River is favorite one

The best remedy for any kind of pain, even when the soul is hurting is a walk through a beautiful scenery, it does not matter how short or long it is.

There is something so soothing when taking one foot in front of the other, the birds flying above you, guiding you, taking you into their world. Seeing things from their perceptive, needing nothing but the air and the space around you feeling free and powerful to move the mountains, to climb all the way to the top, screaming from the top of your lungs how you have made it.

Rafting Tara can bring that side of you out, the side that wants to take things a bit further, to explore. Whenever that feeling makes an appearance on the surface, do not shut it down out of fear or the unknown territory.

There are always at your disposal our fully experience team of, for the task, hikers willing and always ready to go for another adventure, to welcome you into their world.

Just ask them and they will tel you that every time they go again, it is like a first time, like waking up from a long sleep and seeing it all with fresh and brand new eyes. Here, the body gets bruises, splinters, blisters but the soul never gets tired and old, it gets untouchable. Defy your soft limits, go for a bit of adrenaline rush. Remember, when in Rome…

Rapid beats

Now, on the more serious side, if you feel the adrenaline breaking in, let’s test the waters. If you feel brave and strong enough, all you get is a rubber boat, a paddle and a life vest with a bunch of people in.

Things will start to kicking, hearts will beat faster, sweat start to form in the brows, cussing will start and not stop till the ride is over. All of this in a good way, you know Nothing but river around you, old and new friends sharing the moment.

No time to rest, have got to stay afloat, got to paddle and paddle some more, letting the water take you to new horizons, to your new limits. All along the ride, the drops of water in your face, if you are lucky, the rain could also happen, to even more beautify this moment, tickling you, making you laugh, you will start to giggle like a child opening its Christmas present.

You close your eyes, take a breath in, breath out, slowly letting go. Good in, bad out. By opening your eyes, your face lights up, you start to see in all in the same way written on the faces of other people in the same moment as you. Nothing but this and now exists.

It quite literally takes your breath away. Words become irrelevant and are not needed. Silence becomes so welcomed and pleasant just because you live in the moment, with everything inside and out on the open.

It is here when you again realize that it does not take much to reach your own nirvana, this amount of contentment. You really are happy and the price you paid was not that big.

When it is over, the body all tired , exhausted and in small doses of pain, the soul stays intact and so full of inner peace, never will it ever be forgotten and gone with the rest of passing memories not being stored to always be gone to and relived. This one goes to the memory box. Rafting Tara is the rafting of your life.

Whole body workout

As for trying something of more extreme exercise, Rafting Tara has on its mu something called canyoning. He expert adrenaline junkies know what this action consists of, what does it include.

But for us, the less adventurous folk, I wish to try to explain it, If you are like me, your first association is that this activity has something to do with water, probably a river, a boat, wooden ,metal or rubber, does not matter and a couple of paddle.

Something like from that scene in ‘The Notebook’,when the guy was paddling away with his loved one on the lake, declaring his eternal love to her.

Not this time. Wrong time, wrong action. Canyoning is still something that can be a activity for a couple, but you can forget bout romantic gestures and there is nothing peaceful about canyoning.

Let me put you out of the misery and say what this is at last. Canyoning ,in reality , is a sort of an extreme sport or a recreational activity for the crazy ones, a people with demented abilities. It includes jumping, walking, swimming, see,I was right about the water part, climbing and what not.

It is basically traveling through canyons like Spider-man, using ropes or not, if you are crazy enough. What Rafting Tara offers is also offering is down climbing, where you go down the waterfall with the ropes, where you basically defy the gravity.

Still interested? Sounds good? If trying this and actually like it does not make you a superhuman,I do not know what does. For what it matters, in my eyes it does.

Whatever rocks your world. I must point out that when doing some of these activities, one must at all times wear protective gear, that may consist of including plastic or metal helmets, life vets, gloves etc. This is all provided and included in our center.

If the heights is not something that makes you shiver and scared and you love swimming,I highly recommend this. As the saying goes, you only live once.

At the end,I can only hope that was able to make you think about this place, to make you wonder what is the magic in it.

Only time will tell if I was successful or not. Words are really not enough to try to conjure what Rafting Tara is all about, seeing is believing, so live it through your own eyes, let it mesmerize you and make you blind for any other place out there.
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