Adrenaline Ride Through the “Little Grand Canyon” Rafting Tara

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A few tips about Rafting Tara River
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Adrenaline Ride Through the “Little Grand Canyon” Rafting Tara

Auto camp Drina rafting Gallery

Adrenaline Ride Through the “Little Grand Canyon” Rafting Tara

Active vacation is a top-rated research term in the last few years. More and more people choose to go into the wilderness and use their holidays taking part in different activities with their friends and family. Also, many companies decide to take their employees to team building exercises that include some form of physical engagement. One thing came to my attention as highly adrenaline pumped and in-touch with extremely clear nature – rafting.

Rafting includes floating down the river’s slopes on a small rubber boat or a canoe. The faster the river, the bigger is the rush. The sport itself is for team players only. It involves a lot of coordination, usage of both upper and lower body muscles and of course maximal collaboration of the participants. One river in Eastern Europe promises lots of fun and even more things to see – Tara river.

Little Grand Canyon, That is how rafting Tara canyon looks like

This isn’t just a phrase made up for commercial purposes. Canyon of Tara river is, in fact, the second largest in the world, right after the world famous Colorado Grand Canyon. Tara’s canyon is almost 100 kilometers long and its depth is 1.3 kilometers. The river is crystal-clear so you can drink from it – hence the name “Tear of the Europe”. The water has blueish color and is quite cold. During the summer months, the maximum temperature of the river never goes over 12 degrees Celsius.

Rich vegetation surrounds the river. Besides fun ride down the slopes, you’ll enjoy amazing landscapes as well. Many of the species inhabiting this area are endemic – meaning this is the only place in the world you can find them! Near the river, there’s also a virgin forest, very rare for this part of the world. All the factors played their role in listing Tara under UNESCO’s protection.

River Tara Rafting

When it comes to rafting Tara is not to be joked with. The river’s marks for rafting scale from 3 to 5, which makes it one of the most attractive rafting places in the world. Depending on the season scale value changes. If you’re into hardcore rafting the best time for you to visit is from January to March. The river is the highest at that period and slopes go pretty wild.

There are two routes taken by the visitors. One takes two days to go through, and a shorter one that can be handled in a day. There’s a great local offer when it comes to tours down the river. Since the river has to be taken seriously professional surveillance is a must. A licensed skipper will guide you throughout the whole descent. No worries for inexperienced rafters!

Rafting Tara River

Whoa, water is cold and adrenaline is high. Rafting Tara river will make you happy and feel awesome.

If by any chance you like to mix things up, Tara has lots of other things to offer. Local cuisine is fish and vegetable based, 100% organic since everything comes from the park itself. Hiking is a must if you’re staying a few days. Besides beautiful forest, there is a few lakes and waterfalls perfect for you vacation profile photo. For adrenaline junkies, there are other activities besides rafting, like paintball, climbing, extreme mountain-biking, etc.

If active vacation is your keyword for the upcoming season rafting down the river Tara is your destination. Enjoy exciting activities, soak in the surrounding, breathe the freshest, air and make a memory for a lifetime. Check our rafting tour plans and prices.

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